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Health & Safety Training Provider


Legal Compliance

Customise material to meet your identified risks. Add policies, procedures, photos and examples.

Saiosh Verification

Members of Saiosh who complete verified training may claim CPD points as part of their professional status.

US Alignment

Our training material has been SAQA Unit Standard Aligned as part of our ongoing quality control and updates.


Do Your Own Health & Safety Training

Watch the video and discover how to become a profitable QCTO Accredited INTRA™ Licensee Training Provider:


Customiseable INTRA™ Training Material

Trainers may adapt and present risk-based mandatory training such as Legal Compliance, Occupational Health, Occupational Safety, Hygiene, Health & Safety Management Techniques, Fire Prevention, etc.


Training Material - Exclusive to Licensees

INTRA™️ Licensees are required to produce “Accreditation Ready”  SAQA Unit Standard Aligned training material when applying for QCTO Accreditation. 


Founded by Ken Annandale and Penny Jones, INTRA™ are a FP&M SETA+ Accredited Health and Safety training provider. We are dedicated to equipping independent INTRA™️ Licensee Trainers by assisting them to obtain QCTO Accreditation using our QCTO qualifications, SAQA Unit Standard Aligned or Saiosh CPD Verified legal-compliance training material, in order for them to present high quality, risk-specific, credit or non-credit bearing  Health & Safety training.


With over 30 years experience in health and safety, more than 160 INTRA™️ Licensees and 800 satisfied training material users in 8 countries on the African continent,  Amongst other, Section 8 of the Occupational Health & Safety Act No 85 of 93 requires that Employers provide risk-based “Information, Instruction, Training and Supervision” to their employees.


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