eLearning HIRA Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment

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The INTRA e-Learning training was created specifically for South African employers and employees.

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Section 8 – Obligation to Conduct a HIRA

(d) establishing, as far as is reasonably practicable, what hazards to the health or safety of persons are attached to any work which is performed, any article or substance which is produced, processed, used, handled, stored or transported and any plant or machinery which is used in his business OHSA Section 8.

Part 1 Intro to OHS

★Definitions and References ★ History of Safety, Health and Environment [OHS] ★ Extent of the Problem ★ Causes and Consequences [Human / Organisational / Environmental] ★ Human Impacts ★ Organisational Impacts ★ Environmental Impacts ★ Management of Decisions ★ Why people Make Bad / Informed Decisions ★ Reportable Incidents

Part 2 Identification of hazards

★ Hazard Identification Guide [Appendix A] ★ OHS Hazards ★ Safety Hazards ★ Health Hazards ★ Environmental Hazards ★ Identifying Hazards ★ Examples ★ Obvious Hazards ★ Concealed Hazards ★ Combined or Mixed Hazards ★ Emerging Hazards ★ Cause, Control & Consequence Chain ★ Probability / Frequency / Severity Scales ★ Probability / Frequency / Severity Scale ★ Mitigating Hazards ★

Part 3

★ Intro to HIRA ★ HIRA – What & Why? ★ HIRA Fundamentals ★ Research and Reference Material ★ Extracting Hazards [The Funnel Method] ★ Process Flow Planning and Management ★ RAG Tag Basic Visual Recognition and Rating ★ Types of Risk Assessments ★ Assessment Methodologies ★ The Purpose of Risk Rating ★ Risk Assessment & Rating Form [Appendix B] ★

Part 4 Conducting a Risk Assessment

★ When to conduct a HIRA? ★ Establishing the HIRA Team ★ Preparing to Conduct a HIRA ★ HIRA Control Register [Appendix C] ★ Conducting the HIRA ★ Identification ★ The Cause, Control & Consequence Chain ★ Control Measures ★ Immediate Hazard Tagging and Reporting ★ Risk Assessment & Rating ★ Evaluation and Review ★ Information, Instruction and Training ★

Part 5 Managing the findings

★ Communicating the HIRA Findings Conclusion ★Terms, Definitions and References ★ Hazard Identification Guide [Appendix A] ★ Risk Assessment & Rating Form [Appendix B] ★ HIRA Control Register [Appendix C] ★ Pre / Post Assessment ★ Answers ★