eLearning INDUCTOR Occupational Health & Safety Awareness

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The INTRA e-Learning training was created specifically for South African employers and employees.

COVID-19 work-from-home protocols established e’Learning as a permanent feature in the education landscape.

This course content can be accessed, consumed and shared at a time and place that best suits the learner.



Part 1 Legal Requirements

★ The Act ★ Health and Safety Management System ★ Health and Safety Representatives ★ Health and Safety Committee ★ Copy of the Act ★ Your Rights as an Employee ★ Intoxicating liquor and drugs – The employee ★ Duties of your Employer ★ Intoxicating liquor and drugs – The employer ★ Important requirements ★ Signs, notices and colours ★ Colour coding ★ Symbolic signs ★

Part 2 Organisation’s Policy, Rules & Procedures

★ Organisation’s Health and Safety policy ★ Organisational structure ★ Introduction to the role players ★ Organisation’s rules and procedures ★ Job descriptions and scope of authority ★ Work Permits ★ Use of Motorized and Mobile Equipment ★ Lock Out & Tagging Procedures ★ Trade unions and worker committee involvement in Health and Safety

Part 3 Occupational Health

★ Exposure to hazardous substances and conditions ★ Health hazards to be aware of ★ How do you know if your health is being affected? ★ Acceptable levels of exposure ★ Safe handling, storing, transporting & disposal of hazardous substances ★ Protecting yourself from hazardous substances or conditions ★ Using PPE and PPC ★ Implications of not using PPE and PPC ★ PPE and PPC Maintenance and Storage ★

Part 4 Occupational Hygiene

★ Specialist studies

Part 5 Personal Hygiene

★ Personal hygiene and cleanliness ★ Eating, drinking, smoking in the workplace ★ Looking after your clothing and locker ★ Sickness ★

Part 6 Occupational Safety

★ The cause of injuries and fatalities ★ Housekeeping ★ Safety hazards to be aware of ★ Ways of protecting yourself from hazards ★ Using PPE and PPC ★ Implications of not using PPE and PPC ★ PPE and PPC Maintenance and Storage ★

Part 7 First Aid and Medical Facilities

★ First Aid ★ First Aid Boxes ★ AIDS and the First Aider ★ Costs and the Compensation Commissioner ★ Medical & health care

Part 8 Reporting System

★ What does the law say? ★ Let’s look at our reporting system ★ What to do in the event of an injury ★ What to do in the event of damage to property ★ Not disturbing the scene ★ If someone dies or loses a limb, no one must disturb the scene of the incident until the relevant Government inspector gives his permission. The only exception is when people are being rescued or need urgent medical attention. ★ What to do in the event of a disease or sickness ★

Part 9 Emergency Planning

★ Emergencies ★ Introduction to organisation’s plans ★ Evacuation ★ Emergency numbers ★ Evacuation Drills ★

Part 10 Conclusion

★ You have only just begun ★ Remember your rights ★ Remember your duties ★ Your suggestions and ideas ★ Use your pocket booklet ★ Make it happen! ★