Health & Safety Awareness Booklet


Use AFFILIATE REF CODE # 001, when completing your order.



Use AFFILIATE REF CODE # 001, when completing your order.

‘The Occupational Health & Safety Awareness Booklet’ provides vital information in an animated, easy to comprehend A6 pocket book  based on the popular, fully customisable “INDUCTOR” Health and Safety training material.

You care about your employee’s Health & Safety and do not want to see them injuring themselves or getting a disease from the work they do.

Help them get actively involved in your Health & Safety programme by providing each with a copy of this pocket book.

Most workplace incidents and diseases occur because the victims failed to accept responsibility for their Health & Safety.

Understanding the hazards and risks, following the correct procedures and preventing incidents from happening is a mutual responsibility.

This impactful 30 page, A6 pocket booklet covers:

  • Welcome to the Organisation
  • The Reason Incidents Occur
  • Legal Requirements
  • Organisation’s Rules and Procedures
  • Occupational Health
  • Occupational Hygiene
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Occupational Safety
  • First Aid and Medical Facilities
  • Reporting System
  • Emergency Plans
  • Important Telephone Numbers
  • Symbolic Signs