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Discover how you can become an Accredited / Approved /  INTRA™ Licensed Health & Safety Training Provider.

Present Licensed OHS Training

The Business Opportunity

Becoming an INTRA™ Licensee can be a commercially viable activity. 

INTRA™ License Options

The choice depends on your vision and income generation objectives. We have various License Options to suit your requirements. 

Some 50+ Training Material Topics

We offer a vast array of knowledge and expertise from decades of experience, carefully tailored to equip you to become an effective, profitable Facilitator and Training Provider.

Do Your Own Health & SafetyTraining

INTRA™ Licensees run their own wholly-owned businesses. All related expenses are tax-deductible.
After the initial dialogue, those accepted as INTRA™ Licensees will be invited to meet online for training and orientation.

Ongoing INTRA™ Licensee Benefits

  • Relevant Facilitator training material
  • New and updated training materials 
  • Association with a recognised brand
  • Elimination of course development costs
  • Participation in webinars & online support
  • Right to customise material to suit “Risk Profile”
  • Right to reproduce unlimited Learner Workbooks
  • Unrestricted territories
  • Upon payment of all the fees, the right to use the training materials transfers to the Licensee.
  • Delivery via Google Drive
  • Relevant updates if required

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