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Discover how INTRA™ can help you become a Licensed Occupational Health & Safety training provider.

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At INTRA™, we embrace those who are gradually building their collection of INTRA™ Health and Safety Training Material. We’re here to support your journey, and to show our appreciation, we offer a special incentive: we’ll credit your purchases, covering up to 50% of your Licensee upfront fee!


What components will you receive?

You will receive Training Material that selectively includes the relevant SAQA Unit Standard | Skills Matrix | Facilitator Guide | Facilitator Visuals [where available] | Learner Guide |  Assessments  | Portfolio of Evidence | Assessor Guide | Moderator Guide | Course Administrative Material | Certificate Template, via secure digital delivery
NQF Credit or Non-Credit-bearing training material is designed to meet employee or client needs © This material may not be resold.

Some 50+ Training Material Topics

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